15 Sep 2019
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Deadline 08 Sep 23:59
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GB Compnet Sydney Cup 2019


** If you find any problem when creating an account or registering we recommend you to use google chrome as  internet navigator**

NOTE: If you have any issues registering for the GB Compnet Sydney Cup 2019, please contact your GB School. They will need to register with Smoothcomp, in order for you to register for the competition.

Start time and Location

Competition starts 9am Sunday 15th of September 2019

Door opens for competitors and spectators 8am

Spectator entry Fee: AUD 15.00 (Single) and AUD 25.00 (Family)

For every entry GB Compnet Australia will donate $2 for the GB Ambassador Program.

Address for competition venue: Northern Beaches Indoor Sports Centre - 14 Jacksons Rd, Warriewood, NSW 2102

Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your match start time and go straight to the warm up area.

All weights are inclusive of Gi attire. Please go to https://bit.ly/2zuRlka to check the weight divisions. Where your chosen category cannot be accommodated, you will be moved to the next most suitable available division. For Adults and Masters, this may be moving down in age group or up a weight division. For Junior & Juveniles, this may mean moving up an age group, up a weight or in some circumstances, merging Male and Female categories into a Mixed category.

GBCN Mission Statement

The Gracie Barra Competition Network is at its very core is a positive and closely knit organization of athletes. GNCN tournaments are conducted with the highest level of integrity, camaraderie and sportsmanship, with our athletes, a staff, and officials always keeping safety in mind. We strive to be the competitive birthplace and proving grounds of champions -- keeping the legacy alive!

Rules and further information:

All the competitors must wear the full Gracie Barra official uniform, GB black rash guard and GB belt.

The GB Ultra Light Gi will be allowed only for kids. Adults cannot wear the GB Ultra Light Gi.

ALL women and kids are allowed to use the GB Pink gi for this competition but not the GB Pink Rash Guard.

All kids will have a minimum of 2 matches.

*GB Events does not guarantee 2 matches if one of the competitors in the bracket refuses to compete or simply does not show for the event.

If your opponent does not show up for the event or refuses to compete, and you are the only person in your division, you will receive a gold medal for your match. You will not receive a refund.

All kids will receive a participation medal.

All kids warm up together please arrive early.

For every registration this year GB Compnet Australia will donate $5 for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program.


Medals to all Weight and Absolute divisions.


Adult Male Blue Belt Absolute - AUD$100 + GB Gi.

Adult Female Blue Belt Absolute - AUD$100 + GB GI

Adult Female Purple Belt Absolute - AUD$150 + GB GI

Adult Male Purple Belt Absolute - AUD$150 + GB GI

Adult Male Brown/Black Belt Absolute - AUD$200 + GB GI 

Ps: All the GB members are expected to wear the GB Red Competition T-shirt 2019. We will take a group photo at 12:30pm at the event with everyone in Red 2019 T-Shirt .

**Important Information**

*Athlete Correction Deadline Tuesday 10th September 2019

*Brackets Check Day Date 12th September 2019

*Brackets Final Release Date and Schedule Friday 13th September 2019


Northern Beaches Indoors Sport Centre »
14 Jacksons Rd
Timezone: Australia/Sydney


  • Kids, Juniors & Teens (Boys) 75 AUD
  • Kids, Juniors & Teens (Mixed) 75 AUD
  • Kids, Juniors & Teens (Girls) 75 AUD
  • Juvenile (Boys) 75 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Male 90 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Female 90 AUD
    16 years and above
  • Male Absolute 35 AUD
  • Female Absolute 35 AUD